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December 6, 2015

IMG_1798I began writing this blog to tell the story of life in Walla Walla, Shady Lawn Antiques, and perhaps a bit of family life.  The blog was fun and was serving its purpose very well… and then the iPhone and Facebook came along.  The ease of taking a picture and making a quick Facebook post with an iPhone makes it that much more difficult for me to sit down at a computer to write a longer blog post.  Then just when I’m comfortable with Facebook, my children tell me that I should really be on instagram…

I have also been writing an Antiques Column for our local paper, the Walla Walla Union Bulletin.  The WWUB calls it an occasional column.  In my mind it is monthly, but in reality the WWUB is correct.

My interest, or motivation, or ? for writing a blog has diminished due to the combination of writing longer columns for the newspaper and shorter Facebook posts.  It has therefore been months since I have written a blog post.

Moving forward, I may not be making many original blog posts but I do hope to be more diligent in posting my WWUB articles here.  If you would like to see more frequent updates I would suggest that you “like” Shady Lawn Antiques on Facebook and follow me there.  I think that you can link to my Facebook posts (if you are not a registered Facebook member) through the Shady Lawn Antiques website.

My next post will be my latest WWUB column and then I will post previous columns… BTW I’m still not on instagram.

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