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the Buzz of Bees in Walla Walla in Spring….

May 27, 2014

Earlier this Spring I was taking pictures of the blossoms on our apple tree and a bee flew into the picture frame.  Since then I have noticed a number of bees on my walks to and from Shady Lawn Antiques.

One day I went on a ‘bee hunting safari’ at the Community Garden across the street from SL.  Now I don’t want to get all biological because I’ll just embarrass myself but I noticed that the bees approached each flower differently.  268

They seemed to dart around the small yellow and white flowers and lumber around the purple ones.  That made taking bee pictures different at each plant.  Sometimes I would try to find a bee and follow it as it landed on a flower.  Others times I would focus on the flower and wait for a bee.049

I am especially happy when I can get both a bee in flight and a flower in focus in the same picture.210

It seems logical but I found that the more bees that there were around a plant, the better chance I had to get a good picture.  So I started looking for plants that were attracting a lot of bees.

I never really thought about bee-havior before I went on my ‘bee hunting safari’ .  So a major observation, for me, was that the bees will hone in on any one type of plant for maybe just one or two days.  Then the concentration of bees will buzz off to another plant.274

Well that is more than I knew about bees a couple of weeks ago… I hope that you enjoy the pictures!

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