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New at Shady Lawn Antiques, Walla Walla …

June 9, 2013

It’s June and the temperatures have risen into the low 90’s in Walla Walla.  When summer temperatures rise, people often slow down.  That is not the case at Shady Lawn Antiques!…

This week we have launched a redesigned website and new store hours.


Jill developed our first website about fifteen years ago.  It has served us well but it began to look a bit antiquated.  Antiques and antiquity are a good thing but might not serve us well in the new technological era.

Our graphic artist, Darwin Turner, has created a new website with a more contemporary look and feel.  He is still tweaking it a bit and we hope to be able to more easily update our inventory pictures.

I feel kind of nostalgic when I think that our original website has just evaporated to where ever old websites go – it’s kind of like an old friend has moved away… but our new “friend” is younger and has more spunk!  We hope that you like it.


We are having a very good year at Shady Lawn.  This has been due to an increase in the quantity and quality of our furniture as well as our overall inventory.  Furniture has been selling quickly but fortunately we have a big stock awaiting restoration.

I have been working on furniture in the mornings before I open SL.  However it takes bigger blocks of time to effectively restore more furniture. We have found another block of time by closing the store on Tuesdays, which have historically been the slowest sales day of the week.

Shady Lawn Antiques is now OPEN:


SATURDAY:  10:00 – 5:00

Please visit our new website and visit us at Shady Lawn Antiques.  Last week I added three new pieces of furniture to the SL inventory and will add several more this week…

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