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Frost Crystals on Shady Lawn Courtyard Windows…

January 13, 2013

Several years ago we constructed an outdoor Courtyard space at Shady Lawn Antiques and Art Gallery in Walla Walla.  The entrance structure was constructed with reclaimed wood beams and heavy agricultural grade galvanized wire fencing.  Two french doors with multiple glass windows were hung as the “fence gates”.

When the temperature and moisture are both correct, incredible frost crystals form on those glass panes.   The low soft early morning light of winter provides a unique opportunity to take pictures of these crystals.

I received some camera lens “extension tubes” as a Christmas present this year, so I was excited to try them out.  An extension tube fits between your camera body and lens.  This increases the distance between the lens and body which allows you to focus more closely on an image.  This has the effect of making an object appear magnified or larger.

Photographs taken with extension tubes have a very shallow depth of focus.  This created an effect where crystals on one side of the (1/8 inch thick) glass would be in focus and those on the other side would not.

The interesting thing that I hadn’t thought about was that I could focus on either the inside of the glass or on the outside of the glass… There maybe an occasional red spot in the photos – these are tiny spots of red paint on the glass.

I am no camera expert so I don’t want to describe or review the use of extension tubes.  I will just show you some of the ice crystal pictures that I was able to take.

I focused on the inside of the pane of glass in this first photograph.  The blurry crystals in the background are on the outside of the glass.

Frost Crystal on the inside of the widow...

Frost Crystal on the inside of the widow…

The crystals on the outside of the glass are in focus in the following picture.  The fuzzy slushy looking crystals are on the inside of the glass.  They kind of “frame” the outside (in focus) crystals.

Frost crystal on outside of window...

Frost crystal on outside of window…

The camera was in the same place but I used a shorter extension tube to take this picture.  Therefore the crystals look smaller…Frost w Extension Tube (28)

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  1. Hicks permalink
    January 14, 2013 2:59 pm

    These are really cool pictures. I like the first picture the best.

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