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where the Deer and the antelope play…

August 22, 2012

Well there are no antelope in the Valley of the Two Wallas but there are plenty of deer!

Last month, Jill and I spotted six deer just after we left our family cabin.  I slowed our car to a stop and the deer weren’t too concerned.  I took a couple of pictures out of the window.

Deer by the road…

So I got out of the car and “hid” behind it and took a few more pictures… still no great concern.  Then I walked around the car and stood on the edge of road to take some more pictures.  These pictures are of the deer that was closest to us.

I got tired of taking pictures and we drove off while the deer were still eating.

Jill and I talked about how the deer really needed to more cautious for their own safety.  This past weekend I saw two of them in the same field.  When I slowed down, they scampered off… good for them!

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