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Review of Douglas Gisi appearance at the Walla Walla July ArtWALK…

July 29, 2012

Douglas Gisi was the July ArtWALK guest artist at Shady Lawn Antiques and Art Gallery.  He is the owner and creative force behind the Douglas Gisi Wine Barrel Furniture Co.

Douglas Gisi and his ‘repurposed’ 100 year old chair…

Doug brings a unique set of skills to the creation and fabrication of wine barrel furniture and art metal pieces.  His formal college level training in engineering, art, and precision metal fabrication enables him to build pieces that are both  creative and structurally sound!

Many artists can develop creative designs but they become clunky when they attempt to make them strong.  Doug’s skill set allows him to create pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

Doug brought two chairs to the ArtWALK that were a marriage between antique 100-year-old twisted wire ice cream chairs and wine barrel oak.  He was humbly proud to have been able to replace the de-laminated original oak with structurally sound contemporary wine barrel oak.  Chairs that had deteriorated to junk will now last another 100 years or more!

Doug how do you glue and clamp wine barrel staves to form a curved back?.. it’s harder than it looks….

You only have to talk to Doug for a few minutes and his passion for his craft will become immediately evident.   Doug pointed out the unique twisted wire chair construction – all the while pondering how it could have been fabricated.

Doug polished the metal and replaced the oak on this chair….

I don’t know where Doug’s creativity and vision come from… perhaps another planet!  Not only can Doug visualize a completed project but he can visualize and fabricate the jigs that are necessary to construct the piece.

Doug also displayed his hand hammered, bent, and welded Garden Trellises.  His styles include the flowing Organic Design with hammered leaves, the Starry Night Design that features expanding concentric curves, and the Garden Door Designis rectangular with vintage door hardware.

Detail of the Organic Design Trellis – from the ground looking up…..

Doug’s Trellises are available at Shady Lawn.  At $100 apiece they are a good value, look great in your garden, and are a great way to own a piece of Douglas Gisi original art!   Doug is a young artist who just becomes more well-known every day.

Detail of the Starry Night Trellis…

I am a big fan of Doug’s work and you will be too when you can see it, touch it, or sit on it.  You can see more of his creations on his website or at his Showroom in Touchet, (directions are on his website).

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