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Winery Tasting Room Design – the Canoe Ridge Project…

May 2, 2012

In February, Interior Designer Jodi Hummer, and I visited about a winery tasting room renovation that she was designing.  She was working on a plan for the Canoe Ridge Winery, here in the Valley of the Two Wallas.  Canoe Ridge Winery is located in the hundred year old brick Walla Walla Valley Railway Co. train engine repair building.

Canoe Ridge Winery at Walla Walla Valley Railway Co.

I’ve worked with people who have a decorating idea… but Jodi had more than an idea, she had a vision.  Further, her vision incorporated not only a respect for the history of the building but a plan for the contemporary function of the space.

Jodi provided me some “inspiration” pictures and I agreed to build two pieces of “furniture” for the tasting room.  Both pieces were built from reclaimed wood in an industrial esthetic.

The first piece was a tall paneled-back bench with arms.  This piece was inspired by the benches that were in the railroad waiting rooms a 100 years ago.  The bench that I built looks like it has been in that room for its’ whole life – well, actually it has…

Still wet partially varnished High Back Bench… the finish will become satin as it dries

The second piece was a large industrial rack/shelf with cast iron wheels.  This rack appears to be a railroad (repair) parts rack that was just rolled out of the repair area and into the tasting room.  It wasn’t but it could have been because the wood was all re-purposed and the cast iron wheels that I used were dated May 20, 1890… 122 years old!

Shelf with the Bench in the background… who put the wheels on top of the shelf?  It is actually upside-down during the first phase of finishing…

Jodi is a talented Designer with great insight and vision.  She has designed not one but two entirely different tasting room make-overs.  Canoe Ridge and the Chocolate Shop are both scheduled to open the first week of May – for what has become the Walla Walla Spring Wine Release weekend.

Jodi sitting on the bench…

I would encourage you to contact Jodi regarding any Interior Design project you might have in mind.

I know that I would be delighted to work with Jodi on future projects.  She provided me with basic design specifications and then let me have artistic license to build the pieces – please check out our work at Canoe Ridge Winery and at the Chocolate Shop!

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