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Leap Day… just an extra day to enjoy life in Walla Walla!

February 29, 2012

Time doesn’t seem to matter much to many of us in the Valley of the Two Wallas.  I don’t have a time clock or a contracted work schedule, so every day is just another opportunity to enjoy life here…

We are just fortunate to live in Walla Walla – a place where people want to visit and want to vacation!  Shady Lawn Antiques has become one of the MUST SEE places for people visiting WW.  So each day I have the opportunity to visit with someone from a different state… today it was Alaska and yesterday it was Oregon, Idaho, and South Carolina.

Today is February 29th or Leap Day – it is kind of a bonus or an extra day every four years to sync up our calendar with the realities of our solar system.  My watch is not as smart as it thinks it is – my watch thinks that today is March 1st.  That was kind of a novelty today – but by about tomorrow I’m going to have to get smart enough to adjust my watch…

Since today is just kind of a “bonus day” I’m going to post a few bonus photos that haven’t yet fit into another Blog post:

A newer bronze plaque depicting Walla Walla in 1859, that my friend Doug Saturno helped fund and erect!

Graze Restaurant and Catering is housed in this building covered with Japanese “folded cranes”…

I think that it would be difficult to ever cover this wall with paint...

Here is a Walla Walla Pea can that was made into a bank by the WW Continental Can Company:

Canned peas were a big deal in the 1950s - 1960s - this can survived because it was made into a bank....

Here are three lanterns that have been recently hung in a window of the western/cabin room at Shady Lawn:

Three red glass lanterns in front of a window at Shady Lawn...

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