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Tapas for the Eye… or small “bites” of Oak… at Shady Lawn Antiques in Walla Walla…

February 24, 2012

A visit to a typical Antique Shop can be an adventure in visual overload!  Items are often randomly displayed with no common theme.  It is hard to take it all in because your focus is constantly changing.

We have minimized the visual chaos at Shady Lawn, by arranging our antiques into coherent displays.  One area has comfortable chairs, end tables and a coffee table grouped together, another area is devoted to kitchen items, and so on.  Even with the effort that we put into our displays it is often hard to see the small details.

Today I’m introducing the Shady Lawn Antiques take on restaurant appetizers.  I call these visual appetizers:  “Tapas for the Eye.”  (The term Tapas is Spanish in origin and refers to small appetizers or snacks that are not a whole meal.)  My “Tapas for the Eye” are pictures of a small portion or detail of a larger antique.

“Hello, I’m Dave, and I would like to let you know that the Shady Lawn Daily Special of ‘Tapas for the Eye’ features ‘Small Bites’ of Oak…”

A Door Detail from a large 1800's French Cabinet....

The North Wind is blowing at you from the front of a late 1800’s to early 1900’s drop front desk.

the North Wind on a desk front...

Carved Flower and Leaves on the arm of an 1800’s tall backed chair:

Chair Arm...

What better way to finish a post on ‘Tapas for the Eye’ featuring ‘Small Bites‘ of Oak than with a picture of an Oak Gargoyle Bite?… kind of a small bite of a bite…

A bit of a tease...this Bite is part of a large oak buffet that hasn't been refinished yet...

I hope that there is something on this Tapas Menu that stimulates your visual appetite — please visit Shady Lawn Antiques to enjoy the full visual meal…


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