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Walla Walla Wines… Fall Release… @ Trio Vintners

November 16, 2011

The first full weekend in November is known as Fall Release weekend here in the Valley of the Two Wallas.  It is the weekend that many wineries make their new wines available to the public.  Further these wines are available for their wine club members to pick up.  The wineries make the weekend a special event through tasting room food, entertainment and winemaker’s dinners.

The general activity level in Walla Walla and especially at the wineries increases by a notch or two.  Trio Vintners owner/winemaker Karen LaBonte found herself essentially double-booked with her tasting room festivities and with the Tri-Cities Wine Festival.  So Jill helped pour wine at Trio Vintners on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon Jill and I decided to walk downtown to Trio Vintners to see what was going on.  It was a brisk but sunny afternoon so we pulled on our fleece jackets and I took my camera along.  Soon we were walking down Main Street looking every bit the part of wine tourists:  looking in shop windows, stopping to take pictures, and just enjoying the late Fall day.

great afternoon light...

When we arrived at the Trio tasting room we found it to be warm, comfortable, cheerful, and full of wine tasters.  Karen was really happy.  She had entered six wines in the Wine Festival judging and five of them won medals.

The medals that Trio Vintners won at the 2011 Tri-Cities Wine Festival

The wine tasters were having a great time sipping, nibbling and talking about wine.  We just settled right in and began wine tasting too.

When the tasters thinned out, I had to group the wines and medals together and take some pictures… I tired my best to rearrange the wine but Karen had to help me.

Karen re-displaying her wine

It is great to live in WW and to be able to count winemakers among your good friends… one day you can give them an helping hand and then next you can enjoy their winery – so it is for us with Karen at Trio Vintners.

Trio Vintners in the early darkness of late afternoon

We had an enjoyable afternoon and you will too when you visit Karen at Trio

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  1. November 17, 2011 4:10 pm

    Jill (aka: Shady Lady) has become quite the NATURAL at pouring and chatting with the guests who come by Trio V! Don’t forget, we broke Kelly in that weekend too – she jumped in 2 feet forward and did a GREAT job as well! I have a feeling they’ll BOTH be hanging around more often now that I know I have a couple of fun gals to take over so I can go to the beach…yah right! Thanks Jill and Kelly (and Dave for the great photos)!

    Trio Vintners
    Walla Walla, WA

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