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Dyer Straits Coffee… and the Shady Lawn Blend…

October 26, 2011

I had my camera out when Dave Dyer delivered my “Dyer Straits” coffee order and when I have a good photograph, then I have the opportunity for a good post…

Dave Dyer delivering Dyer Straits Coffee at Shady Lawn

Our daughter, Carolyn, is living in Bulgaria and writing a great blog (Karolinka in & around Bulgaria) about her experiences.  She is widely followed with a lot of people reading her blog and as a result she has appeared on Bulgarian TV and in Bulgarian magazines…

Karolinka (a rough translation of Carolyn into Bulgarian) seems to write about coffee and coffee shops quite often.  I thought that maybe I could increase my readership if I wrote about coffee too.

Carolyn with Coffee at breakfast

We had a coffee shop with an espresso machine (as well as antiques) when we opened Shady Lawn in 1994.  When we set up the coffee shop, we used equipment and coffee beans from a company in Corvallis, Oregon.  Carolyn used to hang around our coffee shop and study after school, beginning when she was 13.  Maybe that is how she first became interested in coffee.

At any rate after several years we decided to focus on the antiques side of the business and closed the coffee side.   We did, however, continue to have a pot of brewed coffee (made from Corvallis coffee beans) available.

Eventually we contacted Dave Dyer to see about about buying some of his Walla Walla Valley roasted “Dyer Straits” coffee beans.  He said that he had a coffee blend without a name and he wondered if we would like to have our own blend.  What we came up with was “Shady Lawn Antiques Blend – Dave Emigh’s choice of coffee blend for the well crafted subtle details and the strong finish”.

How many people have their name on a coffee label?

The coffee blend description hints at my furniture building:  “the well crafted subtle details and the strong finish” and is also similar to some wine descriptions.  I thought that the description was clever – but I’m not fooling myself.  I’m sure no one has really read and/or paid attention to it until now.

Now you know the story of the Shady Lawn Antiques Blend of coffee.  Perhaps writing about coffee will get me more readers and maybe even get me on Bulgarian TV, too…

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