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What Happened to the 1933 Oak Post Office Sorting Cabinet?

April 6, 2011

My September 25, 2010 post was about the Oak Post Office Sorting Cabinet that I had recently restored.  I reported that after I had prepared the Cabinet my son Nick’s girlfriend, Awesome Kellie, applied the finish.


Awesome Kellie and the Post Office Sorting Cabinet at Shady Lawn Antiques

Well this is the update on that post.  First, Awesome Kellie is no longer Nick’s girlfriend, she is now his fiancée.  Second, the Cabinet no longer resides at Shady Lawn Antiques, it is now in the Locati Cellars tasting room on the main floor of the Marcus Whitman Hotel.

When my friend, Karen LaBonte, first saw the Cabinet she said that it would make a great Wine Storage Cabinet.  Karen is also a friend of Mike Locati.   When she found out that Mike was opening a new tasting room, she directed him to Shady Lawn – thank you Karen!  Mike also purchased another SL piece for his tasting room just this week.


Kellie at Locati Cellars tasting room grand opening - Awesome Wine Cabinet!

It seems to me that Mike Locati has some exceptional antiques in his tasting room… and his wine is quite good as well.  Please visit him and mention that you read about him on my Blog.  Maybe he’ll even give you directions to Shady Lawn!

You might ask how Karen knows about wine and antiques… read my next post.

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