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All it Takes is Love… and Lori… for a great Antique Display!…

March 18, 2011

I just purchased a huge collection of McCoy pottery – fifty pieces!  Theresa had set the  pottery out on a GREAT round table made out of reclaimed wood so I had to buy it.  Well I think that the table is GREAT because I built it for David and Theresa several years ago.

Theresa had amassed quite a collection of  McCoy pottery.  When they moved to Walla Walla it was stored and Theresa decided that she didn’t need all of it so she called me.  I walked into their dining room and the collection was stunning!  The pastel colors were so Spring like, that I bought it all.

I unpacked four huge boxes of pottery and priced it.  Soon there was pottery everywhere, in fact it was covering the tops off two display cases and it had to go somewhere.  So I took everything off of the shelves of the 1800’s Louis XV cabinet in the entry area of the shop.  Then I filled the shelves with the McCoy pottery.  I knew that my “display” didn’t look good – it was just crowded into place.

Dave's "crowded-in display" of McCoy pottery

Lori Richmond has been helping me clean and display at Shady Lawn for several years and I knew that she was the answer to my display problem.  I can’t give her enough credit for how the shop looks!

Lori loves to decorate and display antiques – all it takes is love and she has it!  Lori loves to decorate and she has an innate ability to create great groupings and displays.  Every display Lori creates would put the people that stage vignettes for photo shoots for major magazines to shame.

Lori's display of McCoy pottery

Once again Lori did a great job and created a display worthy of publication in Country Living magazine!  I can’t thank her enough for the great job that she does at Shady Lawn Antiques.

I think that I took a nice picture but that Lori did a even better job of displaying!!!

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