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Root Canals and Wooden Teeth…

February 24, 2011

I’ve been struggling with a sore tooth and the side of my face has been painful and swollen for over a week.  I visited my Dentist and he referred me to an Endodontist for not one but two root canal procedures.  I decided to have both of them done at the same time.

The procedure(s) went well but took several hours.  The Endodontist offered to let me watch a movie while he was working on my teeth but I declined his offer because I seem to just zone-out during these procedures.

My loyal readers know that my mind seems to work in mysterious ways and it didn’t let me down during the root canals.

Yes, I zoned out, but my mind didn’t shut off, it just wrote this post.  It decided that I had all of the tools, but not the degree and/or credentials, to do root canals… but how hard could it be to do a root canal?

Follow along… first the dental assistant took a bunch of digital pictures of my teeth and looked at them on a computer screen.  Then Dentist came in and tapped on my teeth with a tiny hammer to determine which teeth were actually sore.  He sprayed something on an instrument to make it extremely cold and then applied the instrument to my teeth to see if I could feel the cold.

Next the drill came out and then the tiny files. When that was done, some thin pointy things were inserted into each tooth and they were cemented in place with some hot adhesive stuff.  Finally a temporary filling was tamped into place, smoothed off and some more pictures were taken.

Then the Assistant led me up to the front desk where a lady said that would be several thousand George Washingtons.  That seemed like a lot of money but fortunately insurance covered a bit over half of the bill.

Well the whole George Washington thing got me thinking about George’s wooden false teeth.  So I went to Google to find out more.  Most sources seemed to indicate that George’s false teeth were made out of hippopotamus ivory and gold but some sources said that he several sets, some of which were wood.

Now, I know about wood so maybe wooden teeth wouldn’t be totally far fetched.  In fact wood comes from trees and trees have roots… wooden root canal, anyone?

I think that I have everything that I need to do root canals.  First I have a selection of drills that includes:  three electric drills, two and a half battery powered drills (one drill counts as a half because the “trigger” has to be in exactly the right position for it to work) and a drill press.  I have hammers, files, a hot glue gun and a digital camera and a computer screen.

I’m all set to begin root canals…

First I’d take a picture of the board with my digital camera.  Then I’d hit the board with a hammer to make sure that it is the right board.  I’m not sure if it is necessary but I could then check the sensitivity of the board by putting a couple of ice cubes on it.

OK, now the drilling… I could go old school and use a couple of my antique hand crank drills or just step forward to one of my power drills.  I have quite a selection of files, chisels and rasps to use next.  Then I could insert some wooden toothpicks or splinters of wood and hot glue gun them in place.

This is beginning to sound like a little procedure that I just did on Blair and Creagh’s harvest table… one plank was missing a knot hole.  So I cut off a piece of a branch, filed and rasped out the knot hole, glued the branch into the hole, cut it off and smoothed it out. I even took a digital picture (that I’ll put on your computer screen for you to look at).

"Root Canal" on Blair & Creagh's Harvest Table - also known as a branch glued into a knot hole

That sounds like a wooden root canal to me… and I guess that I got a bunch of George Washingtons for the finished table so how is that so different from what the Endodontist did?

Let me know if you have any wooden root canals that you need done… I think that Blair and Creagh would give me a reference.

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  1. Jill permalink
    February 25, 2011 8:14 pm

    Well, it is pretty weird that your daughter, Karolinka, was posting a dentist related blog while you were working on this one.

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