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Scottish Highland Cattle, above seven mile, outside of Walla Walla… where is seven mile anyway?…

January 7, 2011

Earlier this week Carolyn and I went on a Walla Walla Valley photographic safari.  Our intent was to capture some photos of dormant vineyards, the sunset and some scenery.  We were driving along Mill Creek Road when we made an unexpected discovery… some unusually hairy cattle in a field.

We were just above seven mile and just below the old Lyons place.  OK, I know that you’re wondering what/where seven mile is… well the truth is that I know and that I don’t know.  Seven mile is a local WW terminology and since this is blog about local WW life it seems to fit in.

About seven miles up Mill Creek (therefore above Walla Walla) is a bridge that crosses the creek and not surprisingly it is known as the seven mile bridge.  WW locals have shortened seven mile bridge and just refer to the area as seven mile.

Over time (140 years plus or minus) Walla Walla has gotten bigger and spread out, the creek has changed its’ channel and the road doesn’t exactly parallel the creek.   So I don’t know where you start measuring seven miles and if the measurement is up the road or up the creek.

If you are still unsure where seven mile is, just go about two miles past five mile (you know, where another bridge crosses Mill Creek).  Don’t bother looking for a “five mile” or a “seven mile” road sign, there aren’t any.  I guess that you’ll just have to ask a WW Local…

As I was saying Carolyn and I came upon some hairy cattle in a field just above seven mile.  For more about the cattle check out the next blog…

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