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Christmas on December 30th… and Happy New Year! …

December 31, 2010

All of the family members that were planning to be in Walla Walla arrived in town by Thursday the 30th.  We exchanged and opened Christmas presents, ate our traditional Christmas Eve clam chowder, cookies and goodies.  We had a bonus day today by having our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of egg casserole and cinnamon rolls.

It seems like we managed to stretch the typical family Christmas Eve and Christmas day traditions out over eight days.  If we had stretched another day, we would have been celebrating in two years as well!

Hello to our daughter Karolinka’s (Carolyn in Bulgarian) Blog Readers and Happy New Year!  I’ve given a slight Bulgarian slant to these pictures because of you…

Here are a few pictures of our kids…

Carolyn with a walnut jewelry box that Nick and Kellie made for her.

Nick and Kellie with some Bulgarian pottery bowls – they loved ours and now have some of their own.

Charlotte wearing a shawl that came from Bulgaria.

Niece Samantha with Zona Urbana Bulgarian wallet made from reclaimed materials.

Kellie, Carolyn and Jane with her famous cinnamon rolls.

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