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Welcome back Green Gables Inn, Walla Walla

December 21, 2010

The  Green Gables Inn is back in operation under new ownership.  It opened in 1990 and was perhaps the first Bed & Breakfast to operate in Walla Walla.  The original owners, the Buchans,  certainly set the standard for quality and excellence during the seventeen years that they operated the Inn.

the Green Gables decorated for the season

Through the years, original owner Margaret Buchan bought a number of pieces of antique furniture from us for the Inn.  The fortunate thing is that Margaret’s furniture and basic decorating has remained intact through several ownership changes.

About two weeks ago, the new owners hosted an open house and a Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony which we attended.  When Jill, Kellie and I entered Green Gables, we saw Mike Buckley and noticed that his wife Sandi was serving refreshments.  I asked Mike how Sandi had gotten involved and he said that they had helped their daughter Alexis purchase the Inn.

I couldn’t have been happier!  If you can’t tell by reading this Blog, I am a confirmed Walla Walla local-vore!  The Buckleys have been WW Valley residents for four generations, which defiantly makes them locals.  They are therefore able to maintain and build upon the Green Gables’ reputation for fine local hospitality.

Front Porch

Not only that, but I was Mike’s freshman rowing coach at Washington State University in the mid-1970s.  At that time, I found Mike to be a dedicated hard-working oarsman.  What else would you expect from a Walla Walla Valley “farm boy”?

Sandi also rowed at WSU and rowers by nature are goal driven and are willing to work long hard hours for a delayed reward.  These attributes and Alexis’ youthful energy (not to mention her athletic experience) will make the Inn a big success.

The Green Gables website has some great interior pictures and a description of the Inn – see the link above and check them out.

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