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Milk Home Delivery… or maybe Walla Walla Wine? …

October 26, 2010

Two weeks ago I purchased an aluminum Milk Home Delivery Box that was marked College Dairy.  It dates back to the days when the Walla Walla College, in College Place, Washington eight miles from WW, had a Dairy.

Walla Walla historically had a number of Creameries and Dairies that made home deliveries and those included the Shady Lawn Creamery.  Darigold and the College Dairy were delivering milk as late as 1994 and there was an independent milkman that was still operating in that time frame.

My friend, Vic from Tacoma (for more on Vic please see my October 6th post), is a retired milk delivery man and he has a number of these milk boxes.  So I was happy to acquire the College Dairy box, especially since it was in nearly mint condition.  I thought that I could either show it off to Vic or attempt to sell it to him.

Vic "look at the WW bottle that I found that you don't have..."

I put the milk box on the ground, outside the door of Shady Lawn, in just the position it would be in for a milk delivery.  Perhaps someone would deliver me several bottles of milk… it never happened because I sold the milk box less than twenty-four hours after I bought it.

College Dairy milk delivery box outside of Shady Lawn

The height of the WW home milk delivery service occurred in the late 1950’s when there were a half a dozen WW creameries/dairies bottling and delivering milk. (At that time many of the grocery stores would also make home deliveries.)  So with no one currently bottling milk it was really a long shot to think that there would be anyone that also delivered milk.

I’ve heard that there are currently about 135 wineries in the WW Valley.  With that many bottling operations it would seem that there might be a better chance of getting a wine home delivery than a milk home delivery.  Unfortunately someone over in Olympia (or back in Washington DC) probably has made a law against wine home delivery.

It is still interesting to think that I could go out to my delivery box and find wine from my favorite winery… “I wonder what wine was delivered to me today…”

I’m sure that home delivery is from a time gone by but perhaps it’s from a time not yet come…

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